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South Africa is a rewarding safari destination with diverse landscapes - home to around 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. South African Destinations offer major showcases of beauty and diversity in the peaceful beaches, rugged mountains, lush forests and dazzling cities.
In between, you can lose yourself for days on safari. You can chase the Big Five in a game drive in Kruger National Park Safari or explore the elegant wine valleys around Cape Town Tours. For family holidays and self-drive adventures, visit the wonderful Garden Route.


  • Madikwe Game Reserve - South Africa’s best-kept secret.
  • Eastern Cape - A family-friendly destination to tress the African Big 5.
  • Johannesburg - The place of Gold
  • Sun City - South Africa’s undisputed Kingdom of pleasure.
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Frequently Asked Questions !

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What Is A Township?
During the time of the apartheid, black South Africans were forced to live in segregated areas or towns. These areas are known as Townships.
Still today townships are there in South Africa despite the ending of the apartheid and struggle with poor housing, poverty, and overcrowding. A moat popular township to Visit South Africa is Soweto.
How do I travel in South Africa?
South Africa has an impressive infrastructure and several ways to travel. You can take a self-drive safari, fly, or can travel by train. South Africa is a fantastic destination for self-drive safaris which are fit for everyone’s budget and South Africa Tours offers some excellent flexibility.
What is the most beautiful place in South Africa?
South Africa is a huge tourist destination with so many beautiful places to visit and see. But if you have to visit some most popular and best-kept treasures of South Africa, then Cape Town Tour and Cape Peninsula Tour is the best option for you. Apart from that if you have sufficient time and budget, we recommend exploring the entire country at a glance.
Is South Africa safe for visitors?
Though South Africa is counted as a safe country in Africa, you need to be safe and secure during your visit. However, it gains much popularity in the tourism industry and many travellers visit the country by seeing the growth of appreciation each year. The government is also working on the development of tourist attractions in South Africa. It means the country is also focusing on the safety and security of the visitors. The public places and tourist attractions are safer.
Why is South Africa a famous destination for tourism?
South Africa is one of the world’s most famous safari destinations in the continent because of many reasons. It is one of the finest places in the world to spot the African Big 5. With many breathtaking national parks and game reserves, the South Africa Tours is admired more among travellers. Apart from that, its colourful city life, arts and culture, beaches and mountains are like none to second.
What is the best time to visit South Africa?
Though the country is an ideal holiday destination throughout the year, the best time is during the dry season runs from May to September. The cooler winter months in the northern regions bring beautiful conditions for sighting big games. November to February are the rainy days in South Africa. Though not much good for game viewing, bird watching is best done during this time.
Sun, seas, and sceneries

Cape Town Travel Guide

Cape Town Travel Guide

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Best Time To Visit Cape Town
With holidays comes the best time to visit Cape Town – The peak summer season is the ideal time to visit the Mother city!

Cape Town Travel Guide

Rated 5 Star   |   Cape Town
Getting to Cape Town!
Looking to visit Cape Town? The most convenient way to access the mother city is by flying into Cape Town International Airport (CPT).
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