Best Time To Visit Cape Town

Best Time To Visit Cape Town

Though each season has something special to offer to the visitors in Cape Town, summer is by far the most popular. This is the warmest and most crowded season runs between November and February. This is the Best Time To Visit Cape Town. During this time, Cape Town looks most vibrant and beautiful making the travel experience the best!

A Cape Town Tour is best during peak summer from December to February.  Spring and fall are also considered the Best Time To Visit Cape Town if you like to enjoy the warm weather without any hustle and bustle.

Winter can be suitable for surfing and those who don’t mind spending time indoors.

Best Time To Visit Cape Town
Best Time To Visit Cape Town
Best Time To Visit Cape Town
Best Time To Visit Cape Town

Weather in Cape Town

Cape Town has a pleasantly warm and temperate Mediterranean-style climate. There are seasonal differences throughout the year; sometimes the city serves four seasons in one day.

Temperatures can reach up to 35°C during summer, making it an ideal time for beach lovers.

At the same time, the autumn and spring seasons provide visitors with the right conditions to explore the scenic beauty of nature around Cape Town.

Winter brings the rains to South Africa. So, it leads to more time indoors, enjoying meals or drinks close to a fireplace.

Climate guide of Cape Town

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Low temperature (°C) 16 °C 16°C 15°C 13°C 10°C 9°C 8°C 8°C 10°C 11°C 13°C 15°C
High temperature (°C) 26°C 26°C 25°C 23°C 20°C 18°C 18°C 18°C 20°C 21°C 23°C 25°C
Rainfall (mm) 24 mm 25 mm 30 mm 74 mm 117 mm 143 mm 131 mm 126 mm 70 mm 55 mm 31 mm 27 mm


Seasonal Guide to visit Cape Town    

Cape Town has a lot to offer to its visitors at any given time of the year. If you want to enjoy surfing and like cooler weather, visit during the winter. Come during spring and fall, the great shoulder season to avoid the crowds. If you want to visualize Cape Town at its most vibrant look and immerse yourself in the rich local culture, then summer is the best time for you!

Seasonal Guide to visit Cape Town    

Cape Town has a lot to offer to its visitors at any given time of the year. If you want to enjoy surfing and like cooler weather, visit during the winter. Come during spring and fall, the great shoulder season to avoid the crowds. If you want to visualize Cape Town at its most vibrant look and immerse yourself in the rich local culture, then summer is the best time for you!

Visiting Cape Town in spring (September-October)

If you are considering Cape Town Tours in spring, you have many things awaiting you! Generally, spring occurs during September and October in Cape Town and the weather is quite warm with occasional rain showers.

Pros and Cons of the spring season



ü  The mountains look more dazzling green      

×     Weather can be unpredictable.

ü  Perfect time to see idyllic fields of wildflowers

×     There are some cold days at this time of the year.

ü  Witness all of the local fynbos in full bloom on the hiking trails.


ü  An ideal time for whale watching     



Visiting Cape Town in the summer (November-February)

Cape Town is a pretty laid-back city to begin your Trip To South Africa. Though you can visit any time of the year, there is nothing that Capetonians love more than enjoying the summer.

Pros and Cons of the summer season



ü  This is the peak season with warm and long days.

×     The busiest season with many crowds.

ü  Summer is the festive season in Cape Town.     

×     Accommodations fill up quickly

ü  Cape Town looks vibrant during this time. 

×     Prices are high during this time.

ü  Find people enjoying and dancing in the streets.


ü  Good wildlife spotting around the waterholes.       



Visiting Cape Town in Fall (March-May)

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Mother City-Cape Town. Fall occurs during March, April and May in Cape Town. The weather remains temperate and few visitors Visit Cape Town during this time.

Pros and Cons of the fall season



ü  Best time for hiking (Table Mountain)

×     There are some cold days during the fall (Cooler temperatures)

ü  Weather remains mild with clear and crisp skies

×     There is more rain than in the summer

ü  Best views of the city and mountains


ü  Perfect time for taking a wine tour in the Cape Winelands



Visiting Cape Town in Winter (June-August)

Before going on a South Africa Tour, many travellers think that all of Africa is hot. If so, visit Cape Town once in the winter season which runs between June and August in South Africa. You will be surprised by how chilly Mother City can be.

Pros and Cons of the fall season



ü  Winter is the best time for surfing

×     Weather remains cooler with long rain

ü  Explore the whole city with an intimate holiday experience with fewer crowds.

×     All tourist places may not open during winter

ü  Enjoy music, food, and shopping at an indoor market

×     Many accommodations are found close to empty


Season accordingly flight costs to Cape Town

The flight costs also vary according to the time and tourism season of the year.

According to Peak Season:

Peak season is the most popular time of the year for a South Africa Holiday trip. So, the flight costs are at their highest during this time.

Around 50% more can be payable to visit Cape Town from December to January.

Note: Make sure to book your trip to Cape Town three months before your visit.

According to the Shoulder season

Shoulder season is one of the best times to visit Cape Town. You will get lower prices at your South Africa Safari Packages yet by offering pleasant weather.

You will able to save up to 30% on travelling and staying in the Mother City- Cape Town.

Note: Book your trip to Cape Town well in advance to get great deals.               

According to the Off-peak season

As winter is the off-peak season, you can save up to 40% on your flight booking to Cape Town.

Note: Remember to book your flights as before as you can.

Season accordingly General checklist

Before you visit Cape Town, you need to follow some essential tips which will help you to plan your holiday tour perfectly.

Autumn/Fall (March-May)

Autumn is considered one of the best seasons to Visit Cape Town. So, follow some tips before preparing for a trip to Cape Town during the fall.

  • Be prepared for the weather with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 26°C.
  • There is little to no rain during the fall. So be prepared for this.
  • The weather during this season is so clear making it an ideal time for hiking, sightseeing and climbing.
  • Wildlife is easy to catch in autumn due to thin vegetation.

Spring (September- November)

Before visiting Cape Town during this season, be prepared by considering the following tips-

  • Stay prepared for the weather with the temperature ranging from mid-15°C to mid-26°C.
  • Expect 5-8 days of rainfall per month.
  • You will find moderate crowds with average prices during this time.
  • Nature looks most beautiful during the spring, so head on for a wildlife safari to any national park or climb Table Mountain.
  • Spring is known for wildflowers. So, consider attending different wildflower events during September.

Winter (June-August)

Follow the below tips to visit Cape Town during the winter season:

  • Plan your Trip to Cape Town with an affordable budget since the prices are lower in winter.
  • Book for nighttime activities because sunlight is more limited during the daytime.
  • Book for water sports as winter is the best time for it since waves reach 6-15 feet.
  • Winter is also the best time for whale watching.

Summer (November-February)

Consider the following tips before visiting Cape Town during the summer:

  • Prepare for the warm weather with temperature ranges from the mid 15°C- 32°C.
  • Pack thin clothes and a bathing suit while preparing for your trip during summer.
  • Summer is also an excellent time for kitesurfing, so you can book it before.
  • While heading on a trip to Cape Town during the summer, plan accordingly bigger budget and larger crowds. Because Cape Town is busiest in the summer.
  • Make sure to bring sunscreen as Cape Town receives high UV rays during summer.

Note: Make sure to check out Cape Town’s Tourism site to know about special deals and any further travel guides to Cape Town.

Festivals, Events In Cape Town- Seasonal Reasons To Visit

The dazzling city of South Africa, Cape Town is world-renowned for its incredible events and festivals. These are also making differences by choosing the Best Time To Visit Cape Town.

January- Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

With welcoming the New Year, the city fully engages with songs and dance with the raucous Cape Town Minstrel Carnival (Kaapse Klopse). During this event, around 13,000 minstrels hit the streets wearing colourful dresses with umbrellas in hand and playing musical instruments.

February- Constantia Fresh Food and Wine Festival

This is considered one of the most prestigious wine events in South Africa. This is a very old festival continuing among the locals in Cape Town.  

You will be served gourmet food with wines offered by many locals and international wineries. Live music and craft beers are also here on the menu to accompany you.

This event is hosted at Buitenverwachting Wine Farm located in the heart of Constantia in the oldest wine region of South Africa.

March- Huawei KDay

Among various events in Cape Town, KDay is a beautiful music festival that is celebrated every year in March. It takes place at the Meerendal Wine Estate, a 30-minute drive from the Mother City.

This event brings many top acts together in South Africa- Paxton Fielies, Jimmy Nevis, Mi Casa, AKA, Matthew Mole and more.

April- Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Cape Town celebrates the annual Jazz fest which is the largest music event in sub-Saharan Africa. This is known as one of the world’s top jazz festivals.

The event takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) at the foot of Table Mountain. A star-studded lineup of local and international artists performs here.

May- Franschhoek Literary Festival

This festival occurs between 17-19 May and is a famous festival in South Africa. It brings together the country’s most famous writers and some international authors.

Franschhoek is around a 1 and half hour’s drive from Cape Town.

June- Wacky Wine Festival

You can explore more outside Cape Town, like the picturesque Robertson. Here you can experience fine wine, tasty food and live entertainment in a Wacky Wine Festival.

This event takes place in early June and you will get a chance to taste wine from more than 40 wine lands around Robertson.

July- Jive Cape Town Funny Festival

This Jive Cape Town funny festival takes place in July, making it one of the Best Time To Visit Cape Town.  This event occurs at the Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch every year between July to early August.

This is a comedy event and makes you laugh as it is well known for its different types of funny acts.

August- Klein Karoo Klassique

August is the most welcoming month for those who love classic music, art, fine wine and good food. You can visit Oudtshoorn which is around 4-5 hours drive from Cape Town where this event takes place.

This is a 3 days music programmed event which is performed by top classical performers of South Africa.

September- Hermanus Whale Festival

This is an annual festival in Cape Town. It celebrates the return of the Southern right whales to the coastal waters of Southern Africa. This event spreads awareness on how to protect whales and marine wildlife. It takes 1 and a half hours to drive east of Cape Town.

October- Franschhoek Art Festival

Cape Town’s bohemians flock to Cape Winelands for a weekend spent admiring artworks and enjoying exhibitions at Franschhoek’s many art galleries, studios, and wine estates.

November- Africa.Com

If you visit Cape Town, you will get to experience this event in Cape Town. Africa.Com takes place for 3 days in the city’s International Conventional Centre. This is Africa’s most famous technology, media and telecoms event.

December- Observatory Festival of Arts

This art festival takes place for 3 days and offers a multicultural showcase for South African artists and musicians. They show their creativity at open studios throughout the city. If you Visit Cape Town in December, you will get to attend this festival of art and culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions !

Get Some Important Answer

When Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town To Avoid Crowds?
Generally, winter is by far the least crowded. The weather limits any plan you probably have. Though many of Cape Town’s most popular activities are outdoors, most travellers like to take advantage of dry weather.
Yet, the best time to visit Cape Town by avoiding the crowds is the late autumn runs between March and April. Or you can choose the spring which runs between September and October.
What is the average price of a flight to Cape Town?
Generally, flight costs vary depending on the different tourism seasons. However, the average flight costs are-
Flights from New York to Cape Town cost between $900 and $1,300.
Flights from Los Angeles to Cape Town cost between $1,000 and $1,500.
Flights from London to Cape Town cost between $900 and $1,100.
Flights from Chicago to Cape Town cost between $1,000 and $1,300.
When is the Rainy season in Cape Town?
Winter between June and August is the rainy season in Cape Town. June is the rainiest month of the year. So, if you are thinking of a Trip To Cape Town during the rainy season, ensure to plan the activities mindfully. Plan to do indoor activities during rainy days. You can visit several museums including The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA).
What are the hottest and coldest months in Cape Town?
Though the temperatures vary throughout the year in Cape Town, the weather is mild compared to other places.
January is considered the hottest month with the temperature ranging between 21°C to 27°C.
The coldest month in Cape Town is July with the temperature ranging between 9°C to 17°C.
Are there cheaper times of the year to visit Cape Town?
Yes, there is the cheapest time in the year to Visit Cape Town at less price and with fewer crowds. Winter is the cheapest time with less tourism. You can find the flight costs and accommodation prices very low and affordable during this time.
Many parks offer discounts, many restaurants also offer winter special foods and drinks for the low season. Many activities such as snorkelling and rock climbing are discounted during the low winter season.

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